Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Research: Visualising the Vanna Venturi

From the brief handful of websites I have recently browsed through, I envision the Vanna Venturi to communicate an atmosphere similar to the yin and yan. Every aspect of its design seems to sit hand in hand. The architecture itself hosts a multitude of design techniques which mimic balance alongside contrast. Whilst appearing very simple in design, the Vanna Venturi, also known as Mother's house, also boasts various complexities. And although the structure appears to hold strong symmetry, the symmetry itself is actually quite distorted.

"The [Vanna Venturi House] is big as well as little, by which I mean that it this a little house with big scale. ...Outside, the manifestations of big scale are the main elements, which are big and few in number and central or symmetrical in position, as well as the simplicity and consistency of the form and silhouette of the whole....The main reason for the large scale is to counterbalance the complexity. "

— from Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown: Buildings and Projects. p244-246.

source: http://www.architectureweek.com/2007/0620/culture_1-2.html

Monday, March 8, 2010

Research: Experiencing Space

n.b. split roofing to allow for lighting from above and give a wider and more open space


n.b. two large doors for the entrance
n.b. signature semi circle arch above the main doors

n.b. unusual window framework

n.b. windows and light source appears from ceiling and illuminates the centre of the room.

n.b. symmetrical and standardized view of a typical image of what a house looks like, however providing more mysteries and complexities behind the large main entrance doors.

Research: Sectional Plans

Research: Background Information

Vanna Venturi House - Mother's House

Location: Philadelphia's Chestnut Hill neighborhood

Purpose: Venturi's mother

Architectural style: Post-modernist, Beaux Arts

Assignment One Details

Assigned Villa:
Mother’s House by Robert Venturi

Recommended resources:
Schwartz, Frederic ed. (1992), Mother’s House: The Evolution of Vanna Venturi’s House in
Chestnut Hill, New York: Rizzoli

Group members:
Angie Segal & Mengxuan Qu