Monday, May 10, 2010

Analysing the painting

My interpretation of the painting:
Ashley is a hermaphrodite who may be predominantly female, but also hold strong masculine traits. She is looking for a world where she feels comfortable and accepted for being who ever se wants to be. Ashley feels like she must portray to the world what the world already knows her to be and what they want her to always be. Sadly, Ashley wants to change this, but is afraid to shed her image and can't find the confidence to be herself. Each day she waits for that 'someday', hoping that her someday will be today.

Dynamics and emotions:
In interpreting this painting, I believe the emotions and dynamics portrayed and expressed are -
  • fear
  • entrapment
  • isolation
  • confused
  • in-acceptance
  • indifference
  • self discovery
  • rediscovery
  • longing for confidence
  • longing for change
  • longing for strength
  • longing for happiness
  • search for freedom
  • challenge
  • choice
  • instability
  • truth

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