Monday, May 24, 2010

Home for designers

After some thought, I have decided to develop a new concept which does not directly replicate a single idea, but instead innovately combine them. For my art gallery, I intend to produce a gallery space which displays artworks similar to the ones shown in artexpress exhibitions, with a set up and functionality similar to the young blood markets. Art works are to be set up within the spaces as if in a retail environment whilst still maintaining a sense of artistic flair and interpretive value.

My artworks are to be produced by young artists 17-24 years of age and are generally high school leavers or young university students/people who are eager to enter the design market. Ideally, I want this gallery to act as a medium between HSC artworks (artexpress) and commercial products by young designers aiming to get their already established name out into the retail world (young blood) - It is more to get their work exposed and appreciated rather than a 'market' per say; much like foot out the door in the design industry. This is something that I feel relates well to the young and encouraging nature of the Newtown community.

Whilst most of the works will be by young people, this is also an opportunity to become exposed and discovered, in the hopes that one day they can become financially able to support themselves as artists and maybe own their own galleries (like the designers of artexpress). In my opinion, this gallery acts as an alternative route to artist exposure.

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