Sunday, May 23, 2010


In establishing my owner, I have used the following painting by Soulacroix, Frederick 1858 - 1933 Italy.
In my interpretation, I devised the narrative:
...After all the struggle of escaping the twisted lies and deceit, τρία χάρη (Trea Harvey) turned to the comfort of her siren's nest; the one who gave her the support she desperately needed and who led her to see life through a new light.
And so, the derivative of this narrative projects a naive lesbian whom was once cheated on, now finds security in a new love - her girlfriend's arms. Through her past experience, she is driven to see the world through a new perspective; which she then intends to share with the development of the new art gallery in Newtown. In opening the art gallery, she hopes to give others the same opportunity to see worlds through different eyes.

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